If you need to weigh anything from 1kg up to 100,000 kg and do it accurately simply and quickly from any type of lifting/hauling machine, trailer or vehicle… Then you have come to the right place.

Because we have been designing manufacturing and installing excellent onboard scales that weigh in metric or imperial measurement since 1977. And we use digital and analogue technology to provide a combination and variety of instrumentation to support your requirements for measuring load, depth, slope, tension, axle weight and recently tyre pressure/temperature display via wireless communication. Further, we have also expanded our services to include a range of remote viewing monitors and safety warning systems too.   

Our reliable scales and precision instruments have been developed through our unique team of multi skilled engineers to improve safety, reduce fatigue, integral guide, eliminate overloading, ensure tyre protection and eradicate viewing black spots. For creating prime operating conditions maintaining the highest level of safety and producing happier confident driver/operators.

Also our innovative products will expand your vehicles capabilities, open new activeness, increase earnings, streamline your operations, and incite the chance to attract new business. As well as stopping infringement fines, court appearances, and weighbridge fees.

Additionally, our technology will give you the edge in loading and hauling, by saving time, fuel, and distance travelled by preventing underloading, overloading, or being over on axle weights, extending tyre life, stopping tyre blow-outs, ending payload dispute, saving booms, and or eliminating stockpile/material waste, lost profits and avoidable damage.

Further more, all gathered data may be saved with GPS integration, retrieved for delivery receipt, or other special purpose.      

We cater for all industries/ applications/ environments, small and large, and will ship to any place on the planet. And our dependable products are proudly sold with extended warranties for your peace of mind.

We are available (24/7) and our helpful and friendly staff, are looking forward to hearing from you at anytime.

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