Our ongoing research and development program, over 30 years has produced the latest technology helping to streamline your loading operations and make the weighing process simple, reliable, accurate, safe, affordable and faster.

Enabling maximum returns on your investment and providing Payload confidence wherever you load.

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Our onboard scales weigh in kilograms, pounds, tonnes or cubic measure. From airbags, hydraulic RAMS or springs.

Therefore can be fitted easily on any vehicle requiring accurate payload measurement for safety, sale or legal loading purposes.

Additionally, our resilient scales are dust, water, vibration and UV protected and offer data output for Logistical records / receipts.

We are experts in onboard weighing and specialize in:

And Overload warning systems including the following Equipment

We look forward to your enquiries and can be contacted anytime on our 24/7 Cellular Mobile Phone: 0407 701 627. Alternatively, please view our CONTACT US page for additional communications.