Low cost digital forklift scale which, offers the latest technology at an affordable price. Weighs in static mode and displays net payload, accumulation, target and balance readings. This model can also be used on excavators, tippers, loaders etc.


Ideal for internal or external use on trucks / trailers / tractors / prime movers, etc. Made to weigh one or two axle groups in net and gross readings. Has multiple calibration levels to achieve accurate consistency throughout the weighing range. Also is equipped with a zeroing feature to offset any scale drift and adjustment for level weighing, ensuring precision measurement in vehicles on most surfaces and is the standard requirement for all Loadcheck digital on-board scales.


Designed to display from 1 to 4 axle groups simultaneously and vehicle gross mass (GVM) Payload. Also communicates with vehicles horn or lights to announce that the required weight measurement has been reached without viewing the scale display and offers out of level weighing.

Further, has USB and RS 232c serial output to link up with any accessory required. The unique design prevents pressure lines being present, offering safety and enabling a compact designed system to look neat inside cabins.


Shows Payload weight in kilograms when using a calibrated scaled face. Offers multi scaling up to three levels in various pressure ranges, with four dial sizes being 50, 75,100 or 150mm.Optional isolator valves maybe required in some installations. Note. Each dial face is individually calibrated for a particular vehicle and therefore is tailored to suite any load capacity, up to 100,000 Kg / 220,500 Lb.


Product name / programmable scale for use on front end loaders and forklifts. Designed for static and dynamic weighing applications. Also weighs in cubic metres and offers target, balance, bucket/fork net payload weighing, and accumulation display. Is supplied with a remote sensor and an optional printer is available.

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